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Emile DeWeaver, Soros Justice Fellowship

Natalie Goldberg said, “write until it scares you.” After 12 years of rejection letters from publishers, I finally wrote a story that scared me, and that story began my professional career.

Fear is trauma, which lives and accumulates in our bodies, blocking creativity. To sustain the writing life you deserve, I will teach you how to create the safety in your body that will nurture your creativity.

Stokely Carmichael said, "Words are powerful things. They can build up or tear down. They can inspire or discourage. They can create or destroy."


In my work to abolish white supremacy, I regularly encounter careless expressions and unexamined frameworks that unintentionally reinforce the very structures we seek to dismantle.

My work with you will help you pinpoint the frameworks that effectively advance your work and highlight paradigms in your writing that might undermine your racial justice goals.

Why I do this coaching work comes from a final quote by James Baldwin. "You write in order to change the world, if you can. If you can't change the world, you can change the way people think about it."


We have the power to transform the world. I want you to succeed because I yearn for the same world that you do.

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Learn about the impact of our work.

Craig Waleed
Project Manager: Unlock the Box (UTB) Campaign Against Solitary Confinement

"[Working with Emile] facilitated a more natural and authentic portrayal of my experiences, ensuring my contribution to the documentary is genuine and impactful."

Rahsaa NewYork Thomas
Executive Director/Producer

Emile uses his best asset to spark change--his ability to write. His uses writing to create proximity, proximity to build community and coalitions for change.

Lewis Raven Wallace
Abolition Journalism Fellow,
Interrupting Criminalization

"I would strongly recommend working with Emile as an expert on media by, for, and about incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people and as an expert on restorative and transformative approaches to justice."

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