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creating a difference.

Learn how Re:Frame has impacted our past clients and collaborators.

Camille Griep
Editor, Easy Street Magazine

Emile brings thoughtful, compassionate leadership to any project, deeply considering stakeholders, obstacles, and outcomes. He brings a disciplined approach to goal setting, facilitating collaboration and welcoming out-of-the-box ideas.

Heather Ann Thompson
Pulitzer Prize winning Author and Historian

"Re:Frame [provides] essential resources for anyone interested in truly making a difference in their own work [...] To have the benefit of such vital insights from someone with such vision for the future, as well as such deep experience regarding how best to work in tandem with others to make change, is truly invaluable.

Holly Delany Cole
Board Chair and member,
The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

I highly value Emile's perspective. I always learn when I am with him. He is an exceedingly good listener, super knowledgeable and highly accountable. Emile's work is fully aligned with our ability to create the conditions for a beloved community.

Danielle Purifoy
Assistant Professor of Geography,
UNC Chapel Hill

Emile is organized, charismatic, a team player, and a fantastic writer and narrator [...] There's no better way to understand what changes need to occur on an issue than through the lens of someone who has experienced it and developed constructive critique and alternatives that are useful. Emile is that person, and Re:Frame is an excellent choice.

Christine Lashaw
Empowerment Avenue's Director, Visual Arts for Liberation

Working with Emile is inspiring. His intelligence and knowledge of the way systems and culture impact people are invaluable. He describes the interplay in a way that illuminates relationships, and [he] supported my learning. He knows his stuff! More than anything he is real and genuine. Emile leads with generosity and passion.

Glori Simmons
Director, Thacher Gallery,
University of San Francisco

The experience of working with Emile was transformative. It has expanded my empathy, encouraged me to pay attention where I had not, and has better helped me examine the forms of gatekeeping in the realms of art and education. The impact of his leadership and his words continue to reverberate in the gallery and University.

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