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Re:Frame is a consulting service specializing in race and class justice initiatives.  We work directly with organizations and individual leaders dedicated to building better cultures. Our goal is to revolutionize culture-making processes in order to expand what's possible in social change.

We work directly with organizations and individuals within them to provide strategic services for transformation, education, skill building, conflict resolution, equity analysis, and systemic change through model building.

what you can expect

  • strategic services for transformation via roadmap building for long-term goals.

  • educational services for staff with regards to social equity and inclusion.

  • skillset growth and development for equity, justice, and inclusion initiatives.

  • An empathetic, inclusive, interactive, and rigorous speaker.

what we do

Re:Frame provides coaching and strategy support to writers, educators, and content creators who rely on story to generate sustainable change.

what you can expect

  • A strategy to achieve social justice goals.

  • Increased clarity about long term goals.

  • Co-development and implementation of strategies that protect and grow your long-term aspirations.

  • Curriculum co-development.

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