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We help organizations change culture to support the success of their aspirational goals. Re:frame encourages organizations to creatue sustainable structural change that supports organizational goals & policies.


We translate 20 years of transformative justice experience into strategies to help re-envision powerful ways to generate social good. 

Re:Frame DEI consulting
Transformative Business Services

Equity & Inclusion Training

Empowering your leadership to drive change to solidy committments to equity and diversity, creating an inclusive and innovative workspace culture.


Strategic Narrative Shift

Develop strateigic communication skills to change narratives and gain buy-in from both employees and stakeholders.


Systems Thinking Solutions

Identify holistic solutions to complex social and cultural challenges, fostering innovation and adaptability within your organization.


Systems Change Management

Streamline organizational policies and practices to align seamlessly with your visionary aspirations, ensuring successful workspace transformations.


Leadership Creativity Coaching

Enhance your leaders' problem soliving skills and encourage creative thinking, enabling them to overcome challenges and drive innovation.


Equity Curriculum Development

Build a comprehensive equity curriculum, complete with lesson plans and resources, to address systemic barriers and educate teams.

Strategic Equity Analysis


Organizational Equity Review

Analyze and assess organizational policies, practices, and external social conditions to ensure your organization is aligned with equity and social justice principles.


Insights & Implementation

Develop and build comprehensive strategic plans to implement equity recommendations for organizations.

organizational consulting

change starts within.

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