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for social good

our mission

Re:Frame serves organizations and leaders dedicated to building better cultures. We aim to revolutionize culture making processes to expand what’s possible in social change.


the challenge

Justice, Equity, and Liberation are difficult to realize because we can’t imagine what we haven’t seen.


if we can’t imagine it,

how do we design it?

That we haven’t seen the world we yearn to build is an intentional outcome of a cultural hegemony that operates to perpetuate the Supremacy systems that incentivize us to continue the mistakes inherited from both our colonial ancestors and our ancestors who survived colonialism through assimilation of colonial values.

our approach

Re:Frame prioritizes projects related to organizational change, social change, narrative strategy, curriculum development, and conflict resolution.


We translate 20 years of transformative justice experience into restorative solutions for social problems.


We deepen clients' understanding of the frameworks and language of culture change. Our work helps organizations and leaders create strategies to change the cultural conditions that undermine their aspirations. We also empower storytellers to craft narratives that shift mental models.


You can start our journey together by booking a consultation with us.

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